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Boosting test confidence article  

Check out this article about how to help boost your child's confidence before a test.

Reading Rocks Competition  

2nd Period pulled through and won the Reading Rocks Competition.

Way to go 2nd period!

2nd place: 6th period

3rd place: 4th period


The competition starts over next week.  

Reading Rocks Competition  

4th Period is in the lead for our competition!  Several other class periods are close behind.  It could be a very close competition this six-weeks! Keep up the hard work!  

STAR Benchmark Test  

The students will take the STAR Benchmark Test on 1/15.

Reading Rocks Competition - 8th Period is in the lead.  

Fluent Reading for young readers

Red Ribbon Week  

Red Ribbon Week will come to a close tomorrow.  The students have enjoyed dressing up each day.  This is a great time to talk to your child about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  If you need some material on this, please feel free to contact our Guidance Department.  They are a wealth of knowledge!  


Have a wonderful Fall Break!!!


1st Period won the Reading Rocks Competition!  Way to go!!!  


Reminder: Tomorrow is Parent/Teacher conferences from 4-7.

I hope to see you then!


Please sign up for my Remind101.  You can sign up through text messages or email.

For text: Text @msdos to 81010

For email: send an email tto: (You can leave the subject line blank.)

Thank you!!


Check out this website:

GoNoodle gives you over 100 physical activity videos and games: dancing, running, jumping, stretching, deep breathing.  There are also educational games that involve movement and activity.  You can use GoNoodle at home for free and have fun with it as a family.  

1.  Go to

2.  Click on the "sign up" button.

3.  Sign up for a free home account and have some fun! 


Welcome back to school!  I am looking forward to a wonderful 2015-2016 school year!!!


We are reading the book Frindle as a read-aloud in class.  We will have activities and items in our interactive notebook to go along with the book. 


We will be working on commas and apostrophes this week.  We will have a comprehension assessment on Friday. TCAP is two weeks away.  It is never too early to talk to your child about being calm and confident during tests.  This can be a stressful time for everyone involved.  It is important to give encouragement to them.  As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  



Upcoming dates:

Rearranging sentences assessment will be Wednesday, 4-6.  

The AR reward was scheduled for this upcoming Friday.  It may be rescheduled due to weather.  


Have a wonderful Spring Break!  


We will continue to work on vivid and active words. Our assessment on this standard will be Friday.  We will have our weekly comprehension assessment on Wednesday.  


This week we will focus on vivid and active words.  There will be an assessment on this standard next week.  We will continue to work on comprehension skills and vocabulary.  Our weekly comprehension assessment will be on Friday. 


This week we will continue to work on appropriate sources from which to gather information on a given topic and identifying the most reliable information sources for preparing a research report.  We will have an assessment over these two standards on Thursday.  We will also have a comprehension assessment on Friday.  



Thursday - AR reward day

Friday - Big canteen for positive behavior

           Read Across America Day (can wear pajamas) 


Due to the weather last week, we will work on what was planned for that week. We will work on selecting appropriate sources from which to gather information on a given topic.  


The standard we will work on this week: Select appropriate sources from which to gather information on a given topic.  We will continue to work on comprehension (with a weekly assessment), vocabulary, and improving our reading skills.  Remember, it is important for your child to practice reading every single night.  Even with 20-30 minutes each night, your child would show a vast improvement in their reading. 


Important Reminders:

2/9/15 - English Language Arts 4th six-weeks exam

2/12/15 - Cut off date for 4th six-weeks and AR.  100% of goal with 80% correct

2/13/15 - No school for students (Professional Development for Teachers)

2/16/15 - No school (President's Day)


The 4th six-weeks exam will be on Monday 2/9.  This will cover standards that were taught over the 4th six-weeks.  


State writing test on Monday, 2/2.  The students will be given a passage and a prompt with the passage.  They will type their answers on the computer program MIST, and submit it electronically.  We have been practicing with MIST in the classroom.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


We will continue to work on rearranging sentences and paragraphs.  The assessment on this will be Thursday.  


This week we will be working on arranging sentences and paragraphs to write cohesively.  Our practice writing test will also be Friday.  The actual writing test will be in February.  


If your child has access to the internet at home, they are able to log into MobyMax and practice outside of school on reading skills. 

Simply go to

  • click on sign - in
  • school code is tn1583
  • username and password is their AR username and password
  • Click on Language, Literature, or Informational or Vocabulary

Just 20-30 minutes of practice everyday will make a huge impact in your child's education.  


This week we will work on rearranging sentences in paragraphs, and rearranging paragraphs.  The assessment for this will be the week of Martin Luther King. 





 Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends over Christmas Break.  As we begin the new year, I am expecting great things from my students.  Remember it is extremely important for your child to practice reading at home.  Carve out at least 20 minutes every night for your child to read to you.  We will be working on concluding sentences this week.  There will be an assessment on Friday.  

A reminder to sign up for Remind 101, please text @msdos (yes, 1 "s") to 81010.  There will be text updates sent to your cell phone.  


Don't forget the Make and Take night is this Tuesday night at 6:00. Come and make a project with your child. Materials will be provided. 


12/12 - Possessive Noun assessment

12/12 - Cutoff for cookies and hot chocolate AR reward in library (please note this is not the cut off the 3rd-six weeks AR reward)

12/15 - Mid-Term Assessment



Looking ahead to the week after Thanksgiving: 12/3 - Plural Noun Assessment (Look under the "Links" tab for practice)

12/4 - We will begin Possessive Nouns.

English Language Arts Mid-Term: December 15 

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  



We will continue working on plural nouns, comprehension strategies, and other language skills this week.  Please look under the "links" tab on my website for extra practice.  Also, it is important every student practices their reading skills 20-30 minutes every single night.  Let your student read to you each night.  This could be a special time for time for the two of you, making memories they will never forget.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm thankful for you!  


Monday: School play for 5th and 7th Grades

Tuesday: mid-six weeks assessment

Wednesday: Guidance Class

Thursday: D.A.R.E.


Your child can access Moby Max at home.  The students can log in using their AR Password.  Go to my "links" page for the link.  This is individual practice on the skills your child may  need.  


We are continuing to work on Nouns, moving into plural nouns.  There will be a to/too/two assessment Wednesday.  Please check out my "links" page for extra practice.  


It is hard to believe November is here.  This year is flying by.  We are focusing on Parts of Speech over the next six-weeks.  Start looking for some website practice links on the links page.  I have posted several for the confusing words we have worked on.  


There will be several school-wide assessments this week:

Monday - Six-weeks Reading Assessment

Tuesday - STAR Test

Thursday - Writing Test

Friday - No school for students


Tuesday: Assessment on their/there/they're

We will begin working on two/too/to.  We will also continue with irrelevant sentences, comprehension, and vocabulary. We will move into topic sentences and details to support the sentence.  



I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing break.

Upcoming dates to remember:

10/15 - Fundraiser Kickoff

10/16 - Quiz on irrelevant sentences and Book Fair Preview (students will not be able to start making purchases until 10/17)





Have a wonderful Fall Break!  :-)


We will continue to work on the 12 Powerful Words this upcoming week.  If you have not had a chance to check out the words on the "Links" page, please do so.  We will have an assessment over these words on Wednesday.  This will not be a simple recall definition assessment.  The students will need to apply these words to scenarios and figure out which word would be appropriate to choose.  We will continue to work on irrelevant sentences.  

One way to help support your child's learning is to use the vocabulary we are learning at school throughout the conversations you all are having. Also, ask your child what would be an irrelevant thought in different situations.  This will help reinforce the concept of irrelevant to them.  


Important events this week:

Tuesday - School-wide practice writing assessment (during Reading class)

Thursday - D.A.R.E. will start during 7th period.  

Friday - AR Reward Day for those who earned it (during Reading class)

We will focus on irrelevant sentences this week as well as the 12 Powerful Words.  Does your child need some practice on the words?  Check out my links page for practice websites.  


We will take our STAR Test on Friday.  Once this is taken, new AR goals will be set.  I will send home a STAR report at the beginning of next week.  


9/4 - Vocabulary and Comprehension Assessment - A Royal Mystery (If you want to practice vocabulary words go to the links page on my webpage.) 

9/5 - Prefix Assessment

9/8 - 1st six-weeks comprehensive exam


We are starting a new story this week: A Royal Mystery.  The vocabulary words for the story can be found under the links tab on my website.  Your child can hear the word being said along with the definition.  They can also play games with the vocabulary words on that site as well.  Don't forget we are out of school on 8/29 and 9/1.  


This week:

Thursday: Comprehension and Vocabulary Test over A Package for Mrs. Jewls (Yes, it is Jewls and not Jewels. *smile*)

Friday: Quiz over complete and incomplete sentences


Welcome Back to School!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. 

For my 5th Grade English Language Arts class, please sign up for Remind 101.  This is a one-way text messaging and email system that is completely confidential and safe.  Simply text @msdos to 720-523-0335 or email  I will send out reminders and messages to you.  I look forward to our upcoming year together. 

May 17, 2014  

May 19th - May Day for 5th/6th Grades

May 20th - May Day for 7th/8th Grades


March 28, 2014  

Tatyana from 9th Period is now in THE MILLION WORD CLUB!!! Way to go!  She has read 1,112,767 words so far this year.  She continues to keep reading and testing.  So proud of her!

February 19, 2014  

Reading Rocks Competition for the 4th Six-Weeks

1st Place: 5th Grade - 1,226 points

2nd Place: 8th Grade - 1, 205 points

3rd Place: 7th Grade - 1, 200 points

4th Place: 6th Grade - 1, 129 points

January 20-24  

Tips for helping your child develop good reading habits at home:

January 13-17  

I have noticed several of our students received e-readers for Christmas.  They are able to download e-books through our school library.  Check out Ms. Milligan's website to tell you how.  Also, our public library has e-books that are able to be checked out as well.  All you need is a library card and you can download the books on your e-reader, or even smart phone. 

December 20 - January 6  

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 16-20  

My students will be completing an Individual Phonics and Word Reading Survey this week.  This will show areas we need to focus on to strengthen their reading. 

Thursday - Each grade level will go see the play.  It is also a canteen reward day.

Friday - 1/2 day of school with a SWPBS (School Wide Positive Behavior Support) Celebration 

December 9-13  

Here are some tips on getting your middle schooler to read:

Week of November 25th  

November 27th - No School

November 28th - No School

November 29th - No School

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

November 11-15  

Check out this link on ways to improve reading skills.  These tips are in terms of young children, but many of them apply to our middle school students as well.  Spending quality time is important, what about reading a chapter book together.  Snuggle up under a blanket and let the book take you and your middle school child on an exciting adventure.

November 4-8  

8th Grade won the Reading Rocks Competition


Power Builder Competition Winners:

1st Period - T'Detrius

2nd Period - Christina

3rd Period - Lexi

4th Period - James

7th Period - Chandler

8th Period - Bradley

9th Period Haylee

October 28 - November 1  

Vocabulary: protein, genetics, regulated, contaminants, irreparably, levees, implications

Skills this week: Cause and effect, text features, central idea, analyzing visual text, inference, text evidence, compare and contrast, integrating key ideas and details, vocabulary, central ideas and supporting details, and interpreting text

Week of October 21-25  

Vocabulary words:

5th Grade: abolish and banquet

6th Grade: ample, collaborate, concise, distinct

7th Grade: acquire, addict, aspire, chorus

8th Grade: agile, audacious, crusade, dub

September 30 - October 4  

Students will finish writing their vocabulary skits this week.  They will also film and edit them using iPads.  Ask your child about their skit and the vocabulary words they chose to use.  Are they able to correctly define them?  Can they correctly use them in context? 

Week of 23 - 27  

Competition Results for 1st 6-weeks

Power Builder Competition:

1st Period - Marqweonna M,

2nd Period - Colby B.

3rd Period - De'Aja S.

4th Period - Bryce B.

7th Period - Chandler C.

8th Period - Noah A.

9th Period - Haylee W.

Congratulations to all the winners!  Keep up the hard work!!


Reading Rocks Competition:

8th Grade won with an average of 86%!!!  Way to go!!!

Week of September 16-20  

Vocabulary Words:

5th - retire and convert

6th - marvel, factor, cumulative, & intimidate

7th - affliction, flabbergast, grim, & incredulous

8th - desolate, panorama, reception, & rubble

STAR Benchmark Test will be taken on Friday.

Week of September 9-13  

Vocabulary words:

5th - pedestrian

6th - restrain

7th - abrupt

8th - augment

August 30, 2013  

September 2, 2013 - No School - Labor Day Holiday

Ask your child about these vocabulary words:

5th Grade - navigate, require, bland

6th Grade - capacity, maximum, boisterous, inept

7th Grade - trivial, winced, abate, abnormal

8th Grade - embark, fend, anarchy, ardent

Can they define or construct a sentence using them?  Or, be a little sneaky and use it in a sentence.  See if they can recognize the word, and tell you more about it.  Ask them about the pictograph they designed in class.  It is easy to get stuck in a "vocabulary rut", studies show a rich vocabulary will enhance your child's reading ability. 

August 22, 2013  

Week of August 26-30

Tuesday and Thursday - Ms. Cindy Taylor will be in our class discussing college and career access opportunities.

Friday - No School for Students - Professional Development for Teachers


August 16, 2013  

Vocabulary words this week:

5th - navigate, require,bland, pedestrian

6th - capacity, maximum, boisterous, inept

7th - trivial, winced, abate, rupture

8th - embark, fend, vice versa, rubble


Your child will begin the SRA Reading Laboratory which is tailored to their specific Reading Level working with Language, Comprehension, and Vocabulary.

MMS and Reading Intervention News  

August 9, 2013


Reading Intervention Classes begin on Monday, August 12th.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year!


PTO  (Parent Teacher Organization) Meeting - Monday, August 12th in the Cafeteria

Welcome Back  


August 2, 2013


Important Upcoming Dates:

August 5 - First day of school

August 5 - Parent night 6:00 p.m.


Million Word Club Trip  

May 7, 2013

The Million Word Club trip is on May 13th.  We have several students who read OVER one million words, and even one who read SEVEN MILLION!  WOW!  Way to go!!


April 23, 2013

Continue to work hard during TCAP week!  Your perseverance will pay off!


April 16, 2013

TCAP will be April 22-25

No school for students on April 26 (Professional Development Day for Teachers)

During TCAP week

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Eat a good breakfast (one is provided at school)
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Show what you know! 

YOU'VE GOT THIS, and we are all cheering you on!!!


6th Six-Weeks Competitions  

April 5, 2013

Reading Rocks Competition (This is the average on all Power Builders that they complete.)
8th - 84% - completing 70 Power Builders
7th - 84% - completing 80 Power Builders
6th - 78% - completing 70 Power Builders
5th - 84% - completing 69 Power Builders

Can you believe that?  Three-way tie!  The tie breaker was the number of Power Builders completed which would make 7th Grade the winners!

Power Builder Competition (Students making an 80% or above on both components of the Power Builder get entered into the competition, the student with the most entries wins.  For the case of a tie - the highest average wins.)
8th - M/W: Kaila M.   
T/TH: Jacob L.

7th - M/W: Tyler L.
T/TH: J'Lon P.

6th - M/W: Ailijah M.
T/TH: James C.

5th - M/W: Shelby C.
T/TH: Quartez B.

Welcome Back from Spring Break!  

April 3, 2013

Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope it was a relaxing and energizing time for you and your family.  The Power Builder Competition and Reading Rocks Competition will end this Friday for the 5th six-weeks.  Keep working diligently and persevere!!

Reading Rocks Competition  

March 21, 2013

One more week until the Reading Rocks Competition ends for the 5th Six-Weeks.  So far it is a VERY close battle between 8th Grade, 7th Grade, and 5th Grade. 

5th - 88 % correct

6th - 74 % correct

7th - 88 % correct

8th - 87 % correct

Any of you can win at this point; dig deep and make the last week of the six-weeks count!  You all rock!!!

New NCAA Requirements  

March 11, 2013

New NCAA Requirements

Looking ahead to the future.....

Beginning 2016-17

2.3 GPA in 16 high school core courses, previously it was a 2.0 minimum.

93 on the ACT (sum of the scores in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science)

Complete 10 of the 16 core courses before the first semester of their senior year. 

Read Across America Results  

March 4, 2013

Read Across America Results

Whole School: 3,541.8 points

5th Grade - 1,215.2 points

6th Grade - 860.1 points

7th Grade - 836.7 points

8th Grade - 629.8 points

We read 3,772 books and 14,038,376 words!

Read Across America  

February 27, 2013

Read Across America is Friday.  Everyone can wear "school appropriate" pajamas.  READ! READ! READ!

Power Builder Competition 4th six-weeks  

Congratulations to all of our winners!!!

8th Grade

Monday/Wednesday - Jessica

Tuesday/Thursday - Tre'von

7th Grade

Monday/Wednesday - Demarcus

Tuesday/Thursday - Dyamond

6th Grade

Monday/Wednesday - Ailijah

Tuesday/Thursday - Haley

5th Grade

Monday/Wednesday - Bren

Tuesday/Thursday - Blake

*STAR testing will take place this week, remember to get plenty of rest and do your best on the test!!!

QR Codes  

Check out these QR Codes for book talks and book reviews....


Reading Rocks Competition  

Fifth grade won the Reading Rocks Competition.  Way to go!

The 7th graders had tied with the 5th graders.  What was the tie breaker?  The number of Power Builder Cards completed.  Keep on working everyone, the new six-weeks is here and the competition begins over again.  Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. :-)

The teacher said to the students, "Come to the edge."

They replied, "We might fall."

The teacher said again, "Come to the edge."

And they responded: "It's too high."

"Come to the edge!" the teacher demanded.

They came.....

The teacher pushed them....

And they......flew.

November reminders  

11/16                  School Wide Positive Support Celebration during Related Arts

11/21-11/23      No School Thanksgiving Holiday

The teacher said to the students, "Come to the edge."

They replied, "We might fall."

The teacher said again, "Come to the edge."

And they responded: "It's too high."

"Come to the edge!" the teacher demanded.

They came.....

The teacher pushed them....

And they......flew.