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Accelerated Math  

Accelerated Rules & Expectations

1st 9-weeks Goal:  30 Objectives

Printing: 5 objectives at a time

Diagnostic:  Students are completing diagnostics only.  They must score 80% to master an objective.

Students will work on Accelerated Math during any free time due to early completion of assignments or bell work.  They may bring it home but I ask that you do not let them use a calculator.  They are not allowed to use the calculator during class.

Home ConnectIf you have connected to Home Connect for Accelerated Reader you will also see diagnostic results for Accelerated Math.  The score that you see is an average score for all 5 objectives they are working on at one time.  It is possible that the score looks bad but your child failed to master only one objective while mastering four.  After failing to master an objective your child will receive help and try again.

Standards Based Grading  

Parents & Students,


I have just finished grading the Fractions Quiz and I wanted to introduce parents to the 8th Math Standards-Based grading practices.  The students were taught on Friday.

I used the Fractions Quiz to illustrate how their math tests will be graded in the future. There were four sections on the quiz: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  Each section had 5 problems.  A student will have four grades from this one test.  The grade is determined by the following scale:

5 out of 5 Correct - Advanced Mastery - 100

4 out of 5 Correct - Mastery - 88

2 or 3 out of 5 Correct - Initial Mastery - 78

0 or 1 out of 5 Correct - Non-Mastery - 67

As you can tell a student must get 4 or 5 correct for us to determine that they have mastered the skill.  

If they receive a non-mastery they will automatically be assigned an ICU and will re-take the section after one-on-one re-teaching and independent practice.

Students may sign up for ICU if they made an Initial Mastery on the skill.

Form Collection  

Parents & Students

Do not forget your completed forms and 2 proofs of residence.  School begins Friday.  I am looking forward to a super year.  See you there!!


Mrs. Frick