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What are we learning this week?

Week 3/7-3/11  

This week we will be extending our knowledge of expressions by applying what we know about PEMDAS into writing expressions from word problems. (OA.1 & 2)

Students have already learned and practiced using PEMDAS to solve expressions.  This acronym helps students know in what order to solve expressions with multiple operations including parenthesis.

P (Parenthesis)

E (Exponents)

M D (Multiply/Divide from left to right)

A S (Add/Subtract from left to right)

Previous Standards  

Standards we have learned thus far include the following...

NBT (Number and Operations in Base Ten)

1 (Place value)

2 (Powers of ten)

3 (Read, write, and compare decimals)

4 (Round decimals)

5 (Multiply whole numbers)

6 (Divide whole numbers)

7 (Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals)


NF (Number and Operations - Fractions)

1 (Add and subtract fractions)

2 (Add and subtract fractions in word problems)

3 (Fractions as division)

4 (Products of fractions/area model)

5 (Multiplication as scaling)

6 (Multiply fractions in word problems)

7 (Dividing fractions in word problems)


MD (Measurement and Data)

3 (Understanding volume)

4 (Finding volume using unit cubes)

5 (Finding volume of composite figures using formulas)


OA (Operations and Algebraic Thinking)

1 and 2 (Evaluate and write expressions)