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Supply List 

Required Supplies


Notebook just for ELA OR section in binder devoted just for ELA

Composition Notebook for Interactive Journals


Agenda (at all times)

Loose Leaf Paper for classroom folder (provided by teacher)

AR book (at all times)



Here are some supplies that we use often, and I can never have too many. :)

If you could pick up one or more of these anytime throughout the year, it would be greatly appreciated.

Construction Paper                   Index Cards (color and white, large and small)               markers

Crayons                                  Poster Boards (color and white)                                     expo marker (large and small)

permanent markers                 colored pens                                                               colored pencils

Germ-ex                                 Kleenex                                                                     ziploc bags

clorox wipes                            post-its (any size)                                                       glue

glue sticks                              duck tape (any color)                                                   paper (color)

cardstock (white and color)        ribbon                                                                       yarn

loose leaf paper                      composition books                                                      purple pens

bookmarks                             erasers (cap)                                                              highlighters

colored pens                           pencils, pencils, and MORE pencils :)                             markers